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The ML8088sI module is further evolution of the ML8088sE module and it has the identical footprint. The main difference of the new module is presence of the I2C and GPIO interface for connection of the external sensors. New outputs are brought to the unused in ML8088sE contacts. There is available the dead reckoning in the module using the specified firmware and connecting the external gyroscope, accelerometer, odometer and reverse signal. In remaining characteristics, the module is completely compatible to ML8088sE; the firmware of the modules is the same.

GLONASS/GPS module NAVIA ML8088sE specially designed for calculation current coordinates and speed of target in real time in standalone mode as well as generation time synchronization pulse 1PPS and exchange with external peripherals with using RS232 interface.

Principe of module working based on parallel reception and correlation data processing using 32 channels of the received signals from different navigation satellites: GLONASS constellation in frequency band L1 (PT-code), GPS at frequency band L1 (C/A-code) and GALLILEO L1 code.

A navigation receiver module NAVIA ML8088sE equipped with using a state of the art dedicated chip STA8088FG that is a member of so called “Teseo II” family system on die produced by STMicroelectronics – a World leader in silicon chip manufacturing.

Receiver module has an excellent sensitivity, low power consumption and short cold start time.

Receiver has two independent digital filtering and processing channels in IF front end (one for GLONASS and second for GPS now used) and 32 correlation processing channels in BB processor. RF front End also has 3 state jammer barrier based on factor analysis.

Module designed with using 0201 components inside with a common idea to do device smallest as small that allowed in fact to reach a dream target with form-factor 13mmx15mm.

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