News >> ML8088sI v10 modules are available to the order from a warehouse

The main feature of ML8088sI modules is appearance of the I2C interface and 3 GPIO outputs for connection of various sensors. ML8088sI modules can work with the external accelerometer and the gyroscope and to perform the navigation directly by two systems: satellite and dead reckoning (DR). When the satellite system is not available, the module (after setup and calibration) determines a position of a moving object by means of DR. Usage of two systems helps increase the accuracy of the position and also avoid the “movement” of an object on the parking resulting from signals reflection and distortion. The rest characteristics of the module remains at a level of ML8088sE of the previous batches. The new ML8088sI v10 are completely compatible to the modules of the previous series. The ML8088sI module is dedicated, mainly, to automotive market where ML8088sE gave a good account. New abilities of ML8088sI will make the customer’s devices more flexible by means of inexpensive sensors. Setup and calibration of sensors require no additional gauges and is performed right on the car after installation of the customer’s device (a tracker, the alarm system block, etc.). After calibration, signals from the accelerometer, the accelerometer and the odometer are bound to data of GNSS and the DR becomes ready to work.




If the customer does not plan to use the dead reckoning, work with the ML8088sI module does not differ from work with ML8088sE.

FW for DR is obtained separately.

News >> The new AppNote for the ML8088sE module

At present, the number of users of navigation receivers task is to minimize the time of obtaining navigation solutions, including the solution with a given accuracy. This can be particularly relevant, for example, in case of working on metrological checking of huge amount of products in production.

NAVIA proposes several solutions for this task.

News >> ML8088sE: new firmware

Since November, ML8088sE NAVIA receivers will be equipped with a new version of the firmware. This version has the designation “NAVIA ML8088 V95 FOR ALL” or in abbreviated form “version 95”. It is based on a software of STMicroelectronics of version 3.1.18.


The main features of a new software are the improved stability of operation, the increased accuracy of coordinate determination (especially heights), the accelerated time synchronization process, the appeared message of position fix accuracy. The output messages can be represented both in the text form (NMEA protocol) and in the form of binary messages (STBIN protocol); in addition, there is support of the Russian coordinate systems (datum) of Pulkovo 1942, PZ90.2 and PZ90.11.


News >> NAVIA modules are entering to Indian market

Hotel The Westin Pune Koregaon Park NAVIA modules first will be presented in India at the conference Telematics India 2013 (Pune, August 22-23).


News >> NAVIA invites to 25th International Trade Fair – Electronica 2012 – in Munich

NAVIA will take a part in 25th International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications – Electronica 2012, which will take place from 13 till 16 November 2012 in Munich (Germany).

GLONASS modules NAVIA will be presented at the stand of PT Electronics Holding – 363/1, hall A6. (How to find our stand at Trade Fair Electronica 2012)

Electronica 2012

This unique industry event presents the state of the art in innovative electronics – a diverse range of components, pioneering hardware and software solutions and complete systems and applications – on 143,000 m² of exhibition space. It all revolves around the latest hot topics such as electromobility, energy efficiency and sustainability.