Why use GNSS

Why use multi-GNSS?

Knowing the exact location not only of people but also of important objects and cargos like trucks and containers with hazardous contents as well as monitoring and distributing conventional taxi cars are important tasks of our time. If a single navigation system like the famous GPS is used, it is not enough for positioning accuracy and stability.

There are two main advantages the use of MULTI-GNSS (GLOBAL NAVIGATION SYSTEM) gives:

  1. In big cities due to the high density of buildings the use of a combination of different navigation satellite systems like GPS and GLONASS for example gives a maximum coverage and accuracy since if one satellite system is blocked by high-rise buildings the other is still open for reception and can locate the object.
  2. GPS mostly covers the middle area of the globe around the equator. Above 60 degrees north reception is sometimes unstable, while GLONASS for example successfully covers an area as far as the center of theArctic. For such countries as Nordic countries,CanadaorRussiaa navigation system like GPS/GLONASS is vital.