Multi-GNSS (GLOBAL NAVIGATION SATELLITE SYSTEM) is becoming an ever more important part of the high-tech business in the current decade. Alongside the famous “old and good” GPS, people are beginning to use the GLONASS navigation system, as well as GALILEO, Compass, EGNOS and others.

Using a combination of GPS and GLONASS navigation today gives user more advantages like stability and accuracy of positioning not only of people but also of important objects and cargos.

The first multi-GNSS receivers that appeared more then ten years ago consumed a lot of power and cost almost one thousand USD.

A new era began a couple of years ago when new innovation technologies appeared in the silicon microelectronics world.

As part of PETROINTRADE holding which is in TOP 5 of Russian electronics component distributors, a new brand and department NAVIA was incorporated in 2011 specially to manufacture state-of-the-art GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO receiver modules and embedded subsystems for the Russian and international market.

Our company’s mission is using a state of the art technology to design and manufacture multi-GNSS receiver modules with attractive prices and a high quality level.

Our head company PETROINTRADE has for many years collaborated with STMicroelectronics, a world leader in multimedia, infotainment and navigation systems. The new Teseo II navigation conception with which it has supplied us has allowed us to develop high ability and low cost multi-GNSS navigation systems.

All our current products are based on the Teseo II concept.